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Creating Wealth Online Starting From Next Door To Nothing

Send traffic to our platform by offering FREE lifetime Banner Advertising. You’ll receive 100% of the One Time Offer that those that take up your free offer – every single dollar direct to your paypal account that many will send you to get on our paid pages for 30 days. Everybody is added to our free pages. Paid members are added to our free pages and our paid pages. There is no limit to the amount of dollars you can earn and the offer converts like crazy!

All of the banner advertising is also used as a PeopleCoin incentive and you may see it offered elsewhere online.

Further Optional Payplan For Front Page Banner Buyers

For Another Dollar More you can even get your banner shown on our free pages, paid pages and on the front page, randomly shown on every page on our PLR Article Directory plus get involved in our potentially unlimited wealth payplan!

So how does the Unlimited Wealth Payplan work? Basically, you will need to pay another dollar to an allocated individual.

$1 IN – $3 OUT Keep $1

$2 IN – $6 OUT Keep $1

$5 IN – $15 OUT Keep $5

$10 IN – $30 OUT Keep $30

Rinse & Repeat!

The Best Value $1 Feeder Program In The World?

Two words: Unmissable. Offer.

Your online Wealth starts with you making a second dollar advertising purchase in order to get your banner on the front page of the Billion Dollar Banner website. Everybody knows the best place to be ‘seen’ in a search engine is on the front page.

If you can’t afford an extra $1 you can always earn it from Paid To Click Sites and/or Free Crypto Faucets.

Join Our T.E.A.M! (Together Everyone Achieves More)

You pay this extra $1 to a sponsor who is allocated to you and in return you can advertise any website of your choice on our Billion Dollar Banner Front Page for 30 days plus receive a 30 day pass to our Health, Wealth and Knowledge (HWK) Membership Site.

Your additional $1 will also randomly show your banner on everypage within HWK, which except for a few sample posts that do not have restricted access, these will be seen by people who have already paid money for advertising, plus a further 5 Free Product Credits which you can redeem in our Download Shop. (Worth $5. Pay at checkout $1 = 1 Credit.)

You can easily add to your myCRED balance if you join our Doge2Dollars Feeder as well. (No cost just your time.)

Follow the instructions as stated within the pinned post on this Facebook Page to find out how you make your $1 payment. (Basically you just need a facebook and a Cryptonator Account in order to receive CryptoCoin payments.)

Your status in the system will be that of a sponsor who is eligible to receive $1 payments. As a sponsor you will be allocated 3 banner purchasers who will pay $1 each directly to you in return for their 30 days of banner advertising when it is your turn to do so.

When you have received your $3 you should send $2 to your original sponsor and now you will be eligible to receive $2 payments.

When you receive your $2 payments from your 3 allocated banner purchasers you send $5 to your sponsor to upgrade your status again.

Just as you have done, you can and will at some point, receive $15 from your original banner purchasers. (3 x $5)

If you send $10 to your sponsor your status will be upgraded to receive $10. At this point it would be appreciated if you also send $4 to administration to help cover our costs.

You do not have to pay the $4 admin charge, but, if you do, admin will pay $0.40 or $1.00 to your original introducer if they are a PeopleMine Member and $1 to your allocated sponsor so the cycle can and will repeat. This $1 will also trigger a top up of your banner advertising and your 30 day HWK membership pass. (At this point you can use your existing banner or add a new one.) You will also be gifted a standard PeopleMine AdPack, complete with all benefits. (Product Rewards, Additional Traffic Rewards & ALAIT Rewards.)

[If you don’t pay this admin fee, you can still benefit from banner purchases, but you would only start earning once you have been allocated a new group of $1 banner purchasers, which will mean you will have to wait for as long as it takes for them to be allocated.]

Now you that you are eligible to receive $10 payments, you will receive $30 from your banner purchasers in due course. When you do, you could use this money from this completed cycle to join another opportunity. Again, you don’t have to do this, you can use the money for whatever you wish.

You can even treat yourself to a little gift by buying yourself some Jewellery and at the same time earn yourself some more Product Credits.

Should you decide to join any recommendations we have posted, please contact your sponsor first to see if they have joined and if they have please join using their affiliate link. If they decided not to join, but you still want to, please let us know and a randomly chosen sponsor who is already part of our team will be selected for you.

We will post recommendations to business opportunities in the future that we believe could increase your online income. Please note as these will be 3rd party websites we cannot be held responsible for any losses you may incur, but if you do decide to go ahead we will give you 1 Product Credits (myCRED) for every dollar that you can spend, which you can redeem in our Download Shop. (Pay at checkout $1 = 1 Credit.)



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