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HWK Sample – Infinity Streamed Feeder

This article is a work in progress and as such is not yet finished, but will be completed shortly, and relates solely to what is available to you as a member of ThePeople Network.

Information On This Post Is Usually Restricted To Individuals Who Have Been Granted Access To The HEALTH, WEALTH and/or KNOWLEDGE pages. (HWK)

Our HWK membership contains multiple articles with more being added regularly. It is only showing here so you can see the standard of the information that awaits you as a member.

Infinity Streamed Income Sales Funnel

Sales funnels can do amazing things. Our Infinity Streamed Income Funnel starts with the very best marketing method with the widest funnel possible – The Freemium Model.

Our free product is advertising (I think they all are, but ours definately includes a never been done before twist. ???) – Advertising is something every entreprenuer needs. To be more specific, we offer a free online banner advertisement for the lifetime of whatever it is you are trying to promote.

Like all good sales funnels it comes with a one time offer (OTO) paying 100% Commission, that is too good to miss at a price that everybody can afford and looks too good to be true. Essentially you need to over deliver! At only $1 for 30 days of unlimited banner impressions on our paid pages as well as our free pages plus a product download and access to the Health, Wealth & Knowledge Article Membership, we believe we have definately done this.

If it only costs $1, is it worth promoting? Absolutely provided it can earn you more money than it costs you to get the traffic. This is termed the Cost of Acquisition. The cost of acquisition is a term used across business and accounting to describe the total costs incurred when getting one person to take up the OTO.

If it costs you less than a dollar to get enough traffic to get an OTO sale, then scale up your traffic to guarantee yourself more money.

EXAMPLE: If it costs you $5 for 3000 visitors and it takes an average of 300 visits to get 1 OTO sale, your acquisition cost is $0.50 – Your 3000 visits would generate 10 sales on which you would receive $10 to your Paypal account. Congratulations – You have now doubled your money!

Leveraged Income – Leveraged Income is basically getting other people to earn some of your income for you. Just by sending traffic to our free banner offer you can definitedly get some of this when they make a purchase.

Recurring Income – Recurring Income is when others spend money regularly and you get part of this spend. Usually this is on a monthly or annual basis, which in the early days of people joining causes the largest number of people cancelling their subscription (attrition) unless they see sales being generated quickly in order to cover their own costs.

If, after paying for advertising, a buyer wants to get listed on our front page for 30 days, they can upgrade for a further dollar. This dollar funds a different payplan and creates a recurring income without having to bother with regular automatic payments.

Passive Income – We share our combined profits through Retail AdPacks from ThePeopleMine. Why ‘Retail’ AdPacks? The clue is in the name.

COMING SOON: Retirement Income – HWK Supplements (Click This Link for an example. When you arrive at this HWK Article page scroll down and click the Buy Item Now link to see the HWKsupplements sales platform we will be using when the system goes live.)

HWK offers a variety of different diet and health supplements intended to help improve your body’s intake of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals via a multi-level payplan that as well allowing you to make retail profits or buy your own requirements cheaper, will also allow you to build a network of individuals that can earn you even more money. (NOTE: $5 may be with held and used to buy you an AdPack if you are not already an active participant.)

The commission volume (CV) will be divided as follows:

Retail Discounts upto 50% CV = 25% Discount off of the retail price as advertised on our sales platform.

10% CV = 5% off retail – Free Banner Members,

30% CV = 15% off retail – One -time Paid Banner Members,

50% CV = 25% off retail – One-time Front Page Banner Members.)

Downline paying upto 40% CV – this is the network that will be created for you just from giving away free advertising and is calculated based on 5 levels deep

Unlimited Width – 2% CV – Free Banner Members,

Unlimited Width – 4% CV – One -time Paid Banner Members,

Unlimited Width – 8% CV – One-time Front Page Banner Members.

Every product sold also includes a small profit built into the price which is used to assist with ThePeople Mine AdPack ALAIT Reward Schedule and administration costs. Any products that are sold directly to the public plus any retail discounts not paid out will be included in this ‘pot’.

A Bonus Pool of 10% CV plus any breakage that is not paid via the downline structure, will be shared amongst individuals with Active AdPacks as an extra bonus above that stated in our ALAIT Reward Schedule.

So, even if you are not a UK resident, every active AdPack you hold, will pay you one share from this extra HWK Supplement Sales benefit.

The upline structure for the above payouts will follow the free banner advertising introductions, with different CV payments being paid depending on an individuals committments to the system.

Initially this will only be available to UK residents, but will be extended to include other countries.

Once established in the UK, we will be shipping to many more countries immediately. Unfortunately, there will be extra shipping costs to pay if you do not live in the UK and this cost will not be included in the CV.

Zone 1 Shipping

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.

Zone 2 Shipping

US, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand

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